Double Homecoming Mums

Basic Double Mums - $85 Include:


2 - 6.5" White Flowers (with ribbon backing in school colors)
1 - Small Bear

1 - Strand of Garland

6-8 Various Trinkets

2-3 Small Bells
1- Name Ribbon (2 names on one ribbon - Block Letters with No Loops)
1 - Homecoming '18 Ribbon
1 - Military Chain in school colors


Want more Bling? Choose a Bling Booster:

Texas Package

Upgrade to two 7.5" Flowers

Triple Ribbon Backing

Upgrade to a Double Jointed Bear

4 Additional Bells

1 Additional Braid

6 Additional Trinkets

Upgrade to a Looped Homecoming Ribbon with Block Letters

Upgrade to 2 Looped Name Ribbons with Block Letters

+ $60

($145 Total)

Mega Bling

Upgrade to Two 8" Flowers

Triple Ribbon Backing

Double Jointed Bear with Themed Outfit
6 Additional Bells

2 Additional Braids

Additional Printed and Metallic Ribbon

8 Additional Trinkets

Additional Strand of Garland

Upgrade to Double Looped Homecoming Ribbon with Custom Cut Letters

Upgrade to 2 Double Looped Name Ribbons with Custom Cut Letters

1 - Boa

+ $110

($195 Total)

Supreme Bling

Upgrade to Two 8" Flowers

Triple Ribbon Backing with Specialty Ribbon

Choice of 6" Plush Bear, 2 Bears, Custom Plush Mascot, Wooden Letters or Custom Blinged Out Top 

8 Additional Bells

4-5 Braids

Loads of Additional Printed & Metallic Ribbon

8-10 Additional Trinkets

2 Additional Strands of Garland

Upgrade to Double Looped Homecoming Ribbon with Custom Cut Letters

Upgrade to 2 Double Lopped Name Ribbon with Custom Cut Letters

2 Boas

Custom Cut Letters throughout

Custom Ornaments & Blinged out Trinkets

& Loads More!


($245 Total)

*All Senior Mums are an additional $10
Double Mum Order Form 

**PLEASE READ! A Deposit is Required in order to Begin Order. If Deposit is Not Paid within 24 Hours of Placing the Order, the order will be canceled. Once You Submit Your Order, You will be directed to a Shopping Cart for your Deposit. Your deposit will be paid through Paypal (You DO NOT need a Paypal Account to pay the Deposit). If Deposit is not received, your order will not be accepted. If you have trouble paying, please contact us at 817-673-3601. Due to the Custom Nature of the Product, Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE Balance Must Be Paid Before or At Time of Pickup. Payment is Required in Full for all orders being Shipped.

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Shipping & Delivery: 
We are located in Ponder, TX. If you would like, you are welcome to pick up at our location. If you choose to pick up, Please select "No" for both Shipping and delivery options below. (Address is not necessary). 


Shipping: If you are located outside of the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex, we do ship anywhere in the United States. We have delivered to East Texas, Houston, Austin, New Mexico, Nevada, and Virginia. Let Moms Making Mums Ship you a beautifully, handcrafted, one of a kind design to you!


Delivery: Delivery is Available within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. If you are within 15 miles of Ponder, TX. We will deliver Free of Charge. We also deliver Free of Charge in North Denton, Justin, North Fort Worth, Roanoke, Krum, Sanger, Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Dallas near Walnut Hill & 75. If you would like to see if free delivery is an option for you, please contact us at 817-673-3601, email us, or send us a message in the chat box. If you are not within our Delivery Zones, There will be a $25 Delivery Charged.



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