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The "Colossal" Homecoming Garter

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Product Details
Brand: Moms Making Mums
Add the "wow-factor" to your homecoming with our Colossal Garters! This collection features our largest garter ever at 9.5", custom blinged out top, and triple ribbon backing with specialty ribbon and all the Bells and Whistles - literally! Step up your homecoming look with our Colossal Garters! This Garter is Perfect for Seniors who want to make a Statement!
  • 9.5" Flower(s)
  • Upgraded Premium Ribbon Topper
  • 3 Premium Looped Ribbons
  • 18" Streamers in School Colors
  • Military Braid
  • 3 Premium Braids
  • Printed and Solid homecoming ribbons
  • Garlands, Trinkets and Cutouts throughout!
  • This Garter is LOADED!
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