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The "Elite Diamond Bling" Homecoming Mum

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Brand: Moms Making Mums
The Elite Bling Collection is the BIGGEST Statement Piece we offer! Create a memory that will last a lifetime, and treat yourself to a stunning Elite Diamond Bling Homecoming Mum! This collection is more limited in availability due to the many hours that go into making it, but is well worth the wait!
Design your own personalized masterpiece - anything from a Texas Mum to a Megaphone Mum - If you can dream it! We can Design it!
Elite Bling Mums Include:
  • Extra Full 36" Ribbon Base in School Colors or Custom Colors
  • Premium Metallic ribbon and Specialty ribbon for added Bling
  • 8" bear in custom dressing
  • Decked Out Topper Full of Premium Specialty Ribbon
  • Double Layer Homecoming Loops with Custom Cut Letters
  • 2 Custom Cutout Names
  • 4 Activity or Sport Cutouts
  • Monogram
  • Oversized Military Braid
  • 4 Premium Braids
  • Tons of Bow!
  • Queen Bling Package
  • Heavy Weight Boas on Both side
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