Peewee Mums

Basic Peewee Mum - $30 Include:


5.5" White Mum  (with ribbon backing in school colors)

12" streamers

1 - Strand of Garland

4 - Various Trinkets

2 - Small Bells
2 - Flat Name Ribbons (Block Letters with No Loops)


Choose a Bling Booster:

Beary Special 

Add a Small Bear

2-4 Additional Metallic & Printed Ribbon

$35 Total

For PeeWee


Diva Package

Beary Special Package


Add One Braid

2 - Additional Trinkets

1 - Additional Bell

$40 Total

For PeeWee Mum

Supreme Package

Beary Special & Diva Package


Colored Flower

Choice of  Small Bear or Custom Plush Mascot Head on Flower

Additional Braid

Loads of Additional Printed & Metallic Ribbon

Looped Name Ribbon

$50 Total 

For PeeWee Mum